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Configuring SAP Cloud Connector to talk to Active Directory LDAP/LDAPs

 I just had an interesting case come through.  SAP has cloud SAAS now, and they have a product, the "SAP Cloud Connector" that allows integration from on-premises services to the cloud. One of the services exposed through the SAP Cloud Connector (SCC) is integration with an LDAP server for authentication and roles.  Microsoft's Active Directory (AD) is, by a huge margin, the most commonly used LDAP server, but SAP's documentation was painfully lacking in detail on how to set it up. Here's the missing manual. The official documentation is here Use LDAP for User Administration | SAP Help Portal LDAP Configuration: Best Practices | SAP Help Portal The configuration that worked for us is... Host: Secure Host: Checked Alternate Host: Secure Alternate Host: Checked Connection User Name: (scc service account here) Connection Password: *redacted* Configuration:  adCompat="true"   userBase="OU=MyOU,DC=Contoso,DC=Com&qu

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