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Not Fixed: Repairing Nx8500 Helicopter (3 of ?): Installing New Servos and programming the radio with t6config

Not Fixed: Repairing Nx8500 Helicopter (2 of ?): How to install a Flybarless Metal Main Rotor Head & 3 Blades for Align T-REX 450 Helicopter RH450 on a Raw Friction Nx8500 Helicopter

Not Fixed: Repairing Crash Damage on the NX8500 Helicopter (1 of ?):

Review: HobbyKing T-45 Goshawk R/C 64mm EDF Jet EPO Plug-n-Fly

Canning Garden Tomatoes

So then I read: "The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our world from scratch" by Lewis Dartnell

Sometimes you just have to get out and push your spacecraft.

Busy Weekend.. Read a book, fixed the van, canned some chicken.