Not Fixed: Repairing Crash Damage on the NX8500 Helicopter (1 of ?):

My son spent his Birthday money this year on an RC Helicopter.   He bought a Raw Friction Nx8500 from eBay.  It is a 6 channel T-Rex 450 clone, and he's done great with it.

He's been flying it every day for over a month, but last week (much to his vigorous dismay) he crashed.  He says that it started spinning out of control and it wouldn't take any rudder input at all.

That sucks. 

This would be a good place to put the obligatory photo of the damaged heli, but I can't find it on my phone anywhere.

So I took it apart to see how bad it was.  The Rotor Head was broken clean off, one of the blades was cracked, and both of the washout arms broke.  Bad times.

I priced the Trex parts for it, and it came to $60 for blades, a new metal rotor head and washout arms.  Unfortunately, my favorite shop has the rotor head on backorder until god knows when.  That's a problem.

We could have waited for those parts and put it back together, but what fun would that be?

So...I ordered a Tri-Blade flybarless Rotor Head Kit from eBay!

Installing that is my next post.