Sometimes you just have to get out and push your spacecraft.

My son asked me to set up Kerbal Space Program for him, and I've gotten back into playing it.  This game is so addicting.  I love it.

I had a couple of craft that ran out of fuel before re-entering Kerbin's atmosphere.  I thought long and hard about how to get them back home.  Finally I found the KISS solution. 

In this picture Jebediah Kerbin is on an EVA, free falling in space.  What do you do when your ship runs out of gas?  It's simple.  Put on your Jetpack, hop out, and push the spacecraft retrograde at periapsis (the lowest point in your orbit.)  Magic.  Rocket science at its finest. 

That's Kerbal space program... because sometimes you have to hop out and push your spaceship.  I love this game.