Not Fixed: Repairing Nx8500 Helicopter (4 of ?): The non-turning tail rotor mystery

Ug.  Helicopter Ug.

Tired of it being disemboweled on kitchen table. ug.

Tired of working on it. Ug.

The Tail rotor is belt driven.  If I hold the tail rotor and turn the main rotor I can see that the main gear is turning, the tail rotor gear is turning, but the belt pulley (on the same shaft) isn't moving.  Crap.  Either the shaft is broken or the gear is stripped.


Took apart Heli.
Removing Raw Friction NX8500/Trex-450 Tail Drive Assembly

Tail rotor drive assembly.

Gear is spinning on shaft.

Roughed up shaft with knife and put CA glue on it.  Sprayed gear with CA Kicker.  Reassembled.

Ready for another test flight.

(Ready for another project, honestly.)

Test "Flight" 
Clicky servo can't tilt rotor at all.  Tail rotor works fine now. Must buy stronger servos.  Get paid next week.  :/  Long sigh.

I talked to a friend that has been in RC for a long time.  He said it looks good, except I have the blades a little too loose.  I'll add it to the list.  Waiting on the Gyro and servos now.