Here a Barrel

Tonight I Jigsawed the top out of another barrel and scrubbed it. It is on the back porch now with the "little" 330 GPH submersible pushing the water around. I'll dump and refill it in the morning, and start the 24 hour chlorine de-chlorination clock.

In other news, the fish are doing great. They all have their color back and have settled in the tank. I fed them a little bit, and they are eating. This is a good thing. I'll check the N0x tomorrow and see if it spikes badly.

As of this morning, pre-tilapia, Ph 8.0 Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate undetectable. With the big water change from moving the tank, the levels should have some breathing room. I want to leave the pHh high to help the bacteria in the filter get a jump start, but over time I would like to dwindle it back toward the 7's.

Curiosity: This aquarium had two existing occupants, one of which is a small (2 inch) orange cichlid with black fins. One of the primary structures in this tank is a "cave". Apparently the little orange fish has called dibs on it and it is hilarious to see her gnawing on a fish more than three times her size to push them out of the cave.

Go Little fish, don't let them keep you down. ;)