More work.

Yesterday I worked a little on the AP system with the kids. We installed the new drain fitting, and it doesn't look like it is going to leak. (Yeah!) I tried to heat and bend some PVC to make a larger autosiphon, but it just burnt instead of melting. oops. Here goes ANOTHER trip to the Lowes. Thank heavens PVC is cheap.

In other news, there was an add for plastic barrels on Craigslist for $5 each and a seperate ad for a free 29 gallon fishtank. I called and left a message for both. The Little tank would be great for fry and the barrels could be used for a barrelponic system.

I did some more research on the UVI system last night. The whole setup occupies less than an acre with room to grow. (Yes, that's right.. I double checked.) There is still some homework to do, but feel pretty solid on the fundamentals of the business plan now.

Busy Busy,