Unpleasant test results

Unpleasant test results tonight.

pH: 7.6 (-.4)
Ammonia: ~3 (+~3)
Nitrite: ~.30 (+~.3)
Nitrate:>0, < 5 (+~2)

I was expecting a bump, but this was a bigger change than expected.

Tomorrow morning I will be doing a 40% water change, and the "waste" aquarium water will go into the barrel system to help push it along the cycling process. I am also going to find some way to plumb some ammo-lock into the aquarium's water flow. With the feeder off, Tank temp at 70, and the drop in pH, they should be okay.

A fish, Big-or-little-or-feeder-goldfish as-yet-undecided, will make the trip to the barrels tomorrow. This is as much to verify the water quality (did I get those barrels "really" clean?) as it is to reduce the crowding.

Also I came up with a neat little idea for self cleaning screen filters. It has some difficult compound curves and would be a nightmare to try and fabricate, so it is going to stay in the notebook for now.