2 mortalities

The two jumpers from yesterday floating on the surface at the evening checkin. That sucks. The smaller one was partially eaten, indicating that the fish are eating. This is a good thing.

Plants in the gravel grow bed are good. Plants in the dwc bed are not. I think they need more aeration.

I am one fish death away from believing that a leachant from the barrels is causing my fish deaths. The fish are healthy and feeding well inside, but outside they go off feed, and die within a couple of weeks. Perhaps I should define an interim stage between this year's project and next years, with a different primary tank and growbeds.

I am not going to move any more fish outside until i get the water clear and a couple of weeks with no deaths.



Leo Murphy said…
See if this site helps a little. Recommend you run DO tests at diffent points in the day and during your cycles.
Leo Murphy said…
Also, if that does not help. A USDA AG extension agency or A&M college might inexpensively test your water to see what all is in it. If contaminated they should be able to identify.