Feedin Time!

Last night I checked the TAN levels and they were down to 1. Yeah for the joys of chemical filtration. ;) I them after the kids went to bed and and they went after the pellets like little pirranha. I think they must have been fed sinking pellets at the farm, because they prefer the sinkers.

In other news, Brenden and I worked on the half-barrels and have 1 functioning flood and drain growbed with an autosiphon. YEAH!!!!!!!! :D I also realized, the the system as I had envisioned it will not work. I was going to have 1 raft bed (25 gallons) and 2 gravel beds (50 gallons). Unfortunately, that means that at least once a day my poor fishies would run out of the water. (50 gallon fishtank - 50 gallons of growbed = unhappy fishies.) Unless I want to raise mud skippers.. (they breathe air) ..that just isn't going to work. I could add a sump, but I am at the point of needing the most expedient solution to solve the crowding problem.

So anyway, one gravel bed, 2 raft beds. That will work just fine for now.

Tyanne and I saw one of the males building a nest in the aquarium. We'll probably have fry here in a couple of weeks. This is not a good thing. I am crowded with the 27* fish I have now, WTF am I going to do with hundreds more?

Still having fun..


* The very observant among you may note the sudden increase in fish count from 22 to 27. I got a decent picture of them when they were huddled in the corner of the tank and I have 25 Tilapia and 2 cichlids. Apparently the fish farm guy threw in some extras. ;)