Partial Water Change

I did another 40% water change last night. I also got a glimpse of the white fish, so they are both alive. I still don't think there is enough aeration in the tank.

Some of the seedlings in the nursery tray under the bed have sprouted. I moved them out under the lights. Also, another plant has sprouted, the pumpkins I think. The corn is doing good, about four inches tall now. If it keeps up then mom should be impressed at Brenden's party Saturday.

Thinking about next year, I am considering getting a shed and putting an intex pool in it for the fish, or possibly putting it in the garage and running pipes for it. Related to that, I did some research on plumbing and have decided to use Pex tubing for the flexible pipe and PVC for the fixed installations. Pex is sturdier than the vinyl tubing, drinking water safe, and has a wider variety of fittings available.

The plan is getting more detailed.
Shed/Garage(Tanks+Fish) -> Flood and Drain(Gravel Growbeds(Tomatoes/Herbs/?)) -> DWC(Lettuce/?)

If the numbers work on this, then maybe we can use the revenue from the spring and summer crops to put a greenhouse up for the winter? There is a person in Franklin with a commercial greenhouse frame (32 feet by 96 feet) (Frickin huge!) for $1200, but it would need to be covered and I don't know how that works, AND I don't have anywhere to put it.

TODO: Talk to a produce wholesaler about what type of products they need.
TODO: Find (cheap) lease-able land for agriculture near La Vergne or thereabouts.



Leo Murphy said…
Check out this site for greenhouse info. It has some turorial video on some of the pages you might find helpful.