Over the weekend Brenden and I spent a couple of hours fiddling with the auto siphon, and we now have a fully functional auto siphon on the gravel bed AND a second raft bed. With the decreased water volume I had to go back to a 1/2 inch hose for the siphon, but all is well!

(Really happy to have that working!)

The Beta-fish* went in the final aquaponics system yesterday, and I'll be planting some plants as soon as I get another couple of bags of gravel. There are Lettuce and Basil seedlings under a grow-light in our Garage, just begging to be transplanted outside.

Ty even seems a little excited. :D

Always fun..


* The Beta fish isn't really a Betta, it's a Tilapia. Beta is a software development term for "test". This test fish goes in first to make sure it is safe. If he lives, then the other fish can join him. Kind of cruel, but life is that way sometimes.