Transsexual Tilapia

There was an interesting blog on the Washington Post about sex-reversed "Transsexual Tilapia."

I hadn't considered marketing fish to Whole Foods market, but it makes a lot of sense considering our overlapping target markets. I will have to have a conversation with someone over there. Related to this, I found an organic feed supplier. Combine the ideas and I should be able to provide chemical free organic clearwater male hybrid Tilapia. That sounds marketable to me.

Onto another note, I transferred 5 fish from the inside system to the outside system over the weekend. That night I had a hose slip off and pumped about half of the water out of the system. We caught it in time and I refilled the system from the water change barrel. The transfer stress followed by the sudden 50% water change stressed the fish, and 2 of them didn't make it. The others seem to be recovering okay, and the plants are growing well with the extra nutrients.