Looooong range wireless

My In-Laws live in a very rural area.  Their address qualifies for cable modem service, but the cable company wanted an arm-and-a-leg to install a new pole and string cable to the house.  They tried the HughesNet satellite, but were unhappy with the pitiful speed and latency.

So... I talked to the neighbors and got permission to share their internet connection.  Then I bought some wireless kit and today was get-it-working day.

The distance between the houses is 300 yards+.  That's a long way.  I got a 14db Directional panel antenna, a R36 Wireless router from Data Alliance.  I re-used my old Alfa High-power usb adapter.

It worked!

I used the vise to flatten out the mounting bracket that comes with the Antenna to mount it inside an attic window.  Then the AP and Alfa mounted to Roof rafters.

Viola!  They have internet now!  A speed test puts it at 1.2mbps up and 1.4mbps down.  Fantastic!

The R36 has a username/password from the manufacturer and it's not in the documentation in the box.  It's admin/admin. I got lucky and guessed it.

Lessons learned:
1. Next time I should bring my drill.  Screwing brackets in by hand is "fun".
2. Bring my box of random screws too.
3. I could have gotten a Yagi with higher gain for the same price.  I should have gotten that instead.  oops.

I'm concerned about the heat in the attic cooking the AP.  We'll see how it does.