Movie Night

Last night was a movie night.  I went to see Riddick and Elysium.  I enjoyed Riddick.  There was a great line in it about Bad days and extraordinarily bad days.  You get to "see" a lot more of this planet, not like pitch black.  Visually loved the movie.  The monsters were realistic, otherworldly, fantastic.

Elysium is also visually beautiful, and I enjoyed the action sequences.  That's the good part.  The bad part is about 10 minutes in when you get that whole movie is a bad metaphor for the immigration situation here in the United States.  The non-citizens scrimp and save for a chance at a coyote ride  to get to the space station equivalent of the Hamptons.  The comparison really falls apart if you put some mental effort into it, and that broke the movie for me.  Also, short of fairy dust or nuclear fusion you aren't going to shoulder-fire a missile capable of intercepting a target on an orbital trajectory.  Not. Gonna. Happen.

There is a maintenance window tonight at work and I'm going to work on the kid's Minecraft server too.