... And we're back! (Etymology of new domain name)

I've acquired a shiny new domain name, http://extraparts.info

Again, my apologies for the sudden change.  I was contacted by a chap from Australia that works for a charity organization DoSomething.com.au.  They asked very nicely if they could use my DoSomething.Info domain for their organization. 

I picked the new domain with the help of DomainsBot.  This is a fantastic little widget that lets you plug in a set of keywords.  Then it cross references those against a thesaurus and bounces the list against whois for many different permutations of the idea on a bunch of different TLDs.  This tool is really helpful in that it lets you quickly pop through a bunch of ideas.

In my case it reminded me of my Dad.   My Dad liked to fix things too.  I remember working on his truck and our washing machine together.  Whenever he worked on something there was always one or two screws that didn't go back in.  He always said these were the "extra parts".  Thanks Dad.