Faster! Faster! Faster!

It's a busy time at work, and I'm not getting a lot of time at home.

This weekend I fixed a broken rocking chair.  The original factory base-to-seat bolts had backed out (over about 15 years..) and the final remaining bolt ripped the screw insert out of the wood.  This came as a shock to my son who was rocking in it at the time.  :)

I flipped it upside down and replaced the non-broken hex screw, then pilot-holed and screwed in 4 #10 x 2" Phillips head screws.  All better now.  This was my first time using my shiny new Ryobi 1+ cordless drill.  New tool sexy time!

My other accomplishment for the weekend was planting out a bunch of late summer basil seedlings and some store bought cabbages.  The basil (and a couple of Dill) were ready to set these out more than a month ago, but I've been inundated with work.  They've been sitting in a seed flat on the front porch.  Interesting factoid: my cats love dill and lettuce seedlings, and ate most of them.  :\

Ok, back to work.  I have a performance review to do.