The Walking Dead and a fantastic weekend.

Last night I watched The Walking Dead series premier at  I really like this show.  They are finally growing some food!  They need more calorie crops and to increase the size of the gardens 10-fold or more but FINALLY.

One annoyance:  The guy with the shotgun at 26:40 needs a spanking and to have his gun replaced with a pointy stick.  In less than a minute he swept his muzzle across 3 different people.  Daryl is a great character; let's not accidentally blow his legs off at the knees, okay?

I also went to the HobbyTown in Kennesaw.  This is the biggest hobby shop I've ever seen.  It's as big as a Krogers.  _Love it_.  I really wanted to buy one of the Tamiya build-a-mechanical-tank-chassis set, but I just couldn't spend the money.  I'll have a 3-d printer soon enough.  :D

On that subject my deposit has cleared and I'm ready to order parts!  The hard decision now is "Do I buy a shapeoko or a proper CNC mill?"  I know I can make stuff and money with either, and the decision has been bugging me for a while now.  #FirstWorldProblem

I haven't written about last weekend yet.  It's been on the to-do list.  Saturday I installed the Sleeve hitch on the mower and it works!  I have a couple of lessons learned from it and I'd like to make another revision.  That can wait though, as I have gardens to till!  I'd like it if it were farther away from the mower.  The tiller fender can hit the rear tires if my turn radius is too small.  I'd also like to create a better raise/lower mechanism so that I don't have to bang around under there with a wrench.  The welds deformed the inside of the pin tube such that I can't use a proper 5/8 pin without driving it in with a hammer.  Oops.  Despite the list of improvements for the next model, I'm happy with it.  I also learned something.  My shiny new Ryobi cordless drill will happily step-drill a half-dozen 5/8 inch holes in 3/16 inch metal.  By the way it was running it hadn't made a dent in the battery.  This pleases me greatly.

Also on Saturday we got a broken Riding mower from our neighbors that are moving.  It's a sexy Red Troy-Bilt.  I  can't wait to work on it tomorrow.  I also bought their tow-behind grass bagger and they gave us a broken push mower too.  I have to move this kit back to the shed this weekend or Ty will be looking for a place to hide my body. 

... And I re-potted the rubber tree.  And I replaced the kitchen water filter.  And I put grow lights on the herbs on the bar.  And I cleaned off part of the workbench.  And I put the new broken mower battery on to charge.  And I did my laundry and packed for this week.  And I taught Ty how to use the riding mower.  And I watered all the plants.  And I set out corn for the squirrels.  And I moved the extra Lattice back to the shed.  And I taught both kiddos how to shift gears on their bikes. 

I love how much can be packed in a weekend now.  Thanks Adam.  You taught me this.