Making PCBs (part three of ???)

Here are a few more videos of me learning how to make PCBs with Fritzing.  I was finally successful in making and printing the PCB!

Schematic to PCB in Fritzing

A few corrections:
1. It is possible to make this without using a jumper.  Yeah!
2. The default traces and Vias in Fritzing are small.  I made them bigger (and easier to solder/drill) by selecting the vias and wires one-at-a-time and changing the size.
3. You are probably smarter than the Autorouter.  You can convert the ratsnest lines to traces by right-clicking the lines and selecting "Convert ratsnest line to wire".  That's handy.

I printed the completed circuit on Fuji InkJet Photo Paper.   I ironed the print onto the PCB.  I did the entire PCB for 30 seconds and then an additional 15 seconds on the edges.  The paper appears to have a thin layer of plastic on the non-printing side and it puffed up like a fresh tortilla.  I soaked it in warm water for 30 minutes.  The plastic layer appears to be impermeable to water.  The part of the paper that soaked with water worked perfectly!  Most of the paper was still bone dry though.  Damnit.  It was "good enough". So I colored in the faded traces with a sharpie.

Then, in giddy excitement, I went in the garage to etch the board.

And I discovered that I did NOT have copper sulfate.  (Expletive)(Expletive)(Expletive)(Expletive)(Expletive)(Expletive)(Expletive)

So. Very. Close.

I'll be making Copper Sulfate in a post very soon.  Yes, I know I can buy it from the hardware store.  No, I will not.  This has become a Quest now, and just buying it would be cheating. :D