My second CNC thing (from Thingiverse!)

My son Big B my son is studying Egyptian history in Social Studies.  Sunday we made an Ankh on the CNC mill. 
A CNC-Cut Foam Ankh

To make this part, I downloaded this thing from Thingiverse.
Life.stl on Thingiverse

Then I loaded it up in MeshCam to create the GCode.

I have a big piece of foam board that I was using for DWC Aquaponics.  I cut out a chunk and put it in the mill.  The part was done _an hour_ later.  In hindsight, I set the mill to cut parallel passes with a tiny stepover amount.

I'll post the .nc files shortly.

EDIT: Here is the .nc file for a full depth slow Pencil cut around the outside of the part.  This is designed for foam.  It will likely break something if you try it in anything more substantial than foam.

But, it machines the part in minutes.  :D Fastest