Ordering Dryer and Plastic Injection Molding Machine Parts

This week has been pretty quiet so far. 

I worked some more in MeshCam and designed my next CNC part.  It's a wooden pattern for a brass casting of a surprise Christmas gift for my brother.  I'd really like to tell you about it, but he might read this!  :D

In other news, my Dryer broke on Sunday.  The heating coils broke.  I have affected a temporary repair by twisting the broken leads back together.  Ty says that the dryer works better than it has in years.  I lol'd.  The temporary repair will probably last for years.  It lasted about 6 years in my Mom's dryer with no ill effects, but I'm going to fix this right for my sweetheart.

(Yes, you in the back waving your hand?)  "Why are you fixing it if the temporary repair could last years?"  A couple of reasons, actually.  First, it seems like having the twisted coils all bunched together will create a hot spot that marginally increases the risk of fire.  Second, it's for my sweetheart.  I can assure you that the fact that I'll have several hundred feet of used-but-still-serviceable heating element wire left over after the repair has absolutely nothing to do with it, and that I have no intentions whatsoever of making a hot wire foam cutter out of said extra parts.  :D

I found the complete heating element for $90 at RepairClinic
GE Dryer Heating Element (Image Stolen from RepairClinic)

But then I found a kit that just replaces the heating coil for half the cost!
GE Dryer Heating Element Restring Kit (Image Stolen from RepairClinic)

I'll be making a video of installing the restring kit this weekend.

I also got a couple of thermocouples and cartridge heaters.  Those are tentatively planned for a Plastic Injection Molding Machine like I read about in "Secrets of Building a Plastic Injection Molding Machine"* , but they might end up in a plastic bottle-to-filament recycler or in some other as-yet-uninvented project.

* Full disclosure, that's an amazon affiliate book link.  I own that book and a bunch of other Gingery books too.