Quiet week, studying, milling, working on AD

This week has been fairly quiet.  I'm spending a lot of time studying CNC and getting all the data about metal casting back into my head.

I made some progress around the Spectralight 0200 Milling Machine.  I bought an USB Floppy Drive from Microcenter so I could get programs out to the mill.  That was kind of surreal.  Of the 4 floppies that came with the mill, 2 were corrupt.  I was able to make a backup image of the 2 disks that contain the 1.0 version of the Windows software.  That's awesome!  Now I can rebuild it if I tarf the PC connected to the controller.  The bad news is that it's 16-bit software.  It won't work under Windows 8.  I may have to go all the way back to XP to get it running on a *modern OS.  Failing that I'll cook up a VM for it.

At work we're doing a lot of structural work on Active Directory.  Today I installed the Microsoft Active Directory Topology Diagrammer.  This free tool, combined with Visio 2003 Pro or later, creates Visio Diagrams of your domain and site topology.  Very handy stuff for documentation.  Tomorrow we're going to talk about enabling Inter-site change notification for faster AD replication and also redesign the way the bridgehead servers are laid out.  Fun stuff.

Oh yeah, and I think I found the holy grail of 3-d printing, a consumer-friendly way to print metal parts.  So there's that. If you want a cheap option on a million dollar paradigm changing idea then shoot me an email.