Book: Command Authority

I've read every Tom Clancy book, even the non-fiction ones and the not-so-great Net Force books. His books were my constant companion during adolescence, and I've followed them as an adult too.  I just finished his last (final) book, Command Authority. This is the best Clancy I've read in a long time. He was a fantastic storyteller and I will miss him.  I regret that I will never have a chance to meet him.

In the book, the Campus is on stand-down after the Chinese security breach.  A secret organization inside the Russian government has taken over in a silent coup.  The new leaders are trying to rebuild the old Soviet Union, and are poised to start a new cold war.

Loved it.

Full disclosure, that is an Amazon Affiliate link to the book.  I'm recommending it because it was fantastic, not because of the infinitesimal Amazon commission.