How to lose 176 Pounds (Part 1 of ?): Preplanning

I am morbidly obese.  As of 31 November 2013  I have a calculated BMI of 45.2.  I weigh 352.8 pounds.  I have a fat apron that is approximately 4 inches thick at the largest point. 

That's unhealthy, and it's effecting my lifestyle.  Remarkably I do not suffer diabetes or joint problems.  The only health issue that I can straight-line cause/effect to my obesity is frequent GERD.  I also get winded easily from going up stairs.  The latter is expected, and I'm effectively carrying another person around with me.

Time to fix it.

I previously lost a large amount of weight (62 pounds) using the Slim-Fast plan.  The weight melted off and I loved the results.  The best part was when I got to play with my kids at the Y, and they asked me to slow down because they were tired.  Unfortunately I gained the weight back afterwards when I started eating real food again.  From this I learned that whatever diet I choose must have a significant focus on re-learning how to eat at the end.  More specifically, I must be retrained Mentally and Physically to reduce portion sizes.

Additionally, I've discovered that I significantly overeat as a response to stress or boredom.  The plan must include development of a new coping mechanism.

I need flexibility in my plan as I travel semi-regularly for work and I don't want to fall off the wagon.

I need daily measurable results, as I will forget about my diet without it.

I must include some form of exercise in the plan.  I've never exercised regularly and this is much to my detriment.  The best case scenario is that I retain all of my existing muscle post-diet.

I will likely require some form of plastic surgery post-loss to remove skin and adipose tissue.

I will have to buy new clothes repeatedly.

Planning to lose half your body weight is hard.

Comments welcome.