Awesome resource: Free Auto Repair Manuals

I have a box of Haynes manuals. I've bought one for every car I've ever owned, except the Audi.  I'd buy that one too if they'd write one.  I've even bought a couple for my friends and family's cars.  I love these books.

Unfortunately I have _no idea_ where that box is.  I misplaced it in the move last year and can't find it.  Crap.

I found an alternative resource, and I like it almost as much as the Haynes manuals.  there is a company that publishes the "Auto Repair Reference Center" online.  This is a subscription service that a huge number of Libraries provide to their patrons.  I found a forum post where a chap was kind enough to share his link to it and a working library card number (pl249412345678).

I dug a little further and my library has access to a different service by Chilton.  Fantastic!

These are fantastic for those one-off jobs for friends so I don't have to buy a book.

Thanks Internet!