Bitcoin Phishing Attack

This morning I stumbled across a particularly good bitcoin related phishing attack. 

Hello David…

I just did what you advised me to do but the problem remains the same : importing the private key is not working…. drives me nuts!
Last time I checked ( [link removed] ) there was still 30.28020001 BTC ! But no way my bitcoinqt client loads the key so I am stuck with those BTCs.

Thanks for offering your help with this. Here is my wallet.dat with the password [link removed]. If you need anything else let me know.
If you can load the key please send the BTCs to [address removed]

This would help me so much. Thanks David!


I'm going to wager that either the wallet or one of the links drops some wallet-grabbing malware on your PC.  Very sneaky Mr. Phisher, very sneaky.