Books I read: (A lot)

It's been a good month for books.  We went to McKays and I cleaned out a shelf of the discount fiction.  :D

I read: State of Fear (Michael Crichton)
I enjoyed the storyline to this book.  It's a unique idea, and I love fiction books that teach.  A lot of this book is dedicated to Ayn Rand style monologues (ok, Rand-ian is an unfair comparison.. they aren’t 50 pages long. That book was --slow-- omg.) ..ahem, monologues about the science behind Global Warming. In terms of an approachable way to present an opinion about Global Warming, it's fantastic. I'm not qualified to judge the science, so I won't take a position on it either way.

More importantly, a Bing search for "DIY Hypersonic Cavitator" came up empty. That's too bad; those sound like fun pieces of kit.

So then I read: Empire and Honor (W.E.B. Griffin)
I found the preponderance of characters in this book confusing. The action parts of the book were okay, but I just got lost about who was who. This is quite likely a function of my face/people blindness, not any failure on the part of the author.

The good things are it got me to pull out a map and take a look at Argentina, and I wiki'd the Storch. That's a cool little plane.

So then I read: Shadows of Steel (Dale Brown)

I think this is my first Dale Brown novel.  I was sequestered in an Airport and it moved along well enough to keep me distracted.  It's funny how inconvievably future fiction from 1996 is practically fact today. 

So then I read: Rogue Warrior Blood Lies (Richard Marcinko et al.)
This was a fun quick read.  He wasn't as vulgar or as anti-authoritarian as his previous novels.  Unfortunately he wasn't as funny either That's too bad.  I'll still keep reading him, maybe this was an off year?

So then I read: Deep Fire Rising (Du Brul, Jack)
Of all these books, this is the author I'm excited about.  Quasi-educational geology action fiction seems to be a niche that works for me.:D