Fixing the Front convenience lights on a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Front convenience lights in a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan.

These are the Driver and Passenger lights for the people in the front seats.  Changing the bulbs is non-intuitive.  You have to pry on the front edge of the clear lens to get the lens off.  It's tight, and when it pops off you'll swear you broke it.  Once the lens is off the bulb is in a plastic holder that unscrews counter-clockwise.  For my love's van the problem was that the plastic of the bulb holder had melted.  That's bad.

I trimmed the plastic with a needle file to get to working, and I'll grab a spare next time I get up to Pull-a-Part.

It works.  This makes wife happy.

Crap, it's going to be -14 in Wisconsin tomorrow.  Nothing in my entire experience living in Tennessee has prepared me for that low a temperature.  Frack.