Place I Went: American Science and Surplus (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

American Science & Surplus
This place is AWESOME!  I had to get to the airport and was time compressed, but OH WOW!  I got a Diffraction Grating and a Prism and a Lab Stand and Litmus paper and a dropper bottle and a cork borer.  The had a (not for sale) canon sight I got to look through too.  The selection of Lab supplies was fantastic!  I could have spent hours there was so much stuff!  I really wanted to get some other things, but there was no way a Sep Funnel or Burette was going to live through the trip back home in my tiny suitcase, even if I checked it. 

I'm excited about the diffraction grating.  This was an awesome place and I'd love to go again.  I'm going to do a science demonstration with the kids where we take light apart and see what the sun is made of (spectroscopy).  I hope they like it.

In the "I almost bought it but I didn't category, they had some big 1" steel balls, 3.5" thrust bearings, Lab Coats, a wooden TREBUCHET, electronics, a bunch of motors and gears, gas masks, parachutes, Insects mounted in resin.  So much cool stuff!  DID I MENTION THE TREBUCHET?

I picked up a business card for the Milwaukee MakerSpace.  If I get a long term gig in Milwaukee I'll have to check them out.  Hanging out in hotels every night gets a little old.

This was a fantastic trip.  Definitely worth weathering the Wisconsin winter.