Quickie: Fixed: External Monitor not working with Lenovo W520 on Windows 8

I tried to hook up to a projector on my Lenovo W520 Thinkpad and it didn't work.  That's quite odd, as I've used the external monitor connection in the past.  I asked the Internet and found a solution.

Here's the fix:
  • Reboot and drop into the Bios setup with the blue "ThinkVantage" button.
  • Select Config > Display options
    • Change Graphics Device to "Discrete Graphics".
  • Select Security > Virtualization
    • Change Intel (R) VT-d Feature to "Disabled"
  • Save and Exit. 

When Windows starts it auto-detects the change and installs the correct driver.  Viola! The external monitor now works.  I use Hyper-V on this box, and can confirm that my VMs still work with VT-d disabled.

Special thanks to this guy!