Book I Read: Never Go Back (Lee Child) & more

I've been inhaling books lately.  I broke my nook(#*@#!), so I'm back on Physical books for the time being.  I love the smell of them but wow it's heavy to carry a week's worth of books around an airport.  Heavy, but delicious!

Never Go Back (Lee Child)
Call to Treason (Tom Clancy et al.)
Cry of the Halidon (Robert Ludlum)
Man from the Broken Hills (Louis L'amour)
Mustang Man (Louis L'amour)

Ginseng Dreams (Kristin Johannsen)
 - Intriguing book.  This book makes me seriously consider acquiring a parcel of deeply remote woodland and seeding in Ginseng as a long term investment.  I like the idea of camping off the grid for a week a year tending my plot, and Mathematically this looks like a decent investment.  In honest self criticism I have to admit that my risk coefficient is a blatant uneducated guess.  This needs more thought.

Divergent Trilogy (Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant)(Veronica Roth)
 - Yeah for dystopian fiction!

 - Vigorous annoyance that book one of this Trilogy is in paperback, but the other two are still hardback.

- A memory erasing serum is an intriguing ethics problem.  The Daniel Suarez book Influx touched on this too.  What is it to steal a memory?  To reduce a person to a blank slate?  Is it murder?  Is it almost?
- Regarding the statue, would a recirculating water system successfully erode rock?  I understood the primary mechanism of water erosion to be chemical, not mechanical.  Perhaps if another chemical was used to bring the calcium* ions out of solution and re-acidify the water? 

* - Assuming the rock is limestone.

Right now I'm working through "The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable".  It's slow going.  My brain is largely googlified, meaning I subconsciously skim and content filter non-fiction.  A googly brain is a big plus when you need to find and extract specific data, but it's a serious PITA when you want to dig deep into a subject.  Books like this and the Ginseng book take real effort to stick to. I am working on it.

This week I will be in Active Directory Security training.  Assuming that does not drive me to complete exhaustion, I will be shopping for Flash Boys and Capital in the Twenty-First Century.  Those should be interesting.