Clearing the "Display Intranet Sites in Compatibility View" checkbox with Group Policy Preferences

I had an interesting troubleshooting session today around Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode.  The customer wanted to turn off "Display Intranet Sites in Compatibility View" in Internet Explorer 10, and populate a specific list of internal sites that would use Compatibility View.

We discussed and demonstrated that both of these could be accomplished with out-of-the-box Group Policy Administrative Templates for Internet Explorer.

This was fine for the site list, but they preferred to give their users more control over the "Intranet" setting.

Here is the Fix.

We created a Group Policy Preference that populates the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\BrowserEmulation\IntranetCompatibilityMode.  A value of one checks the box; a value of zero un-checks it.  I have this marked as a "Replace" action, but you could also use "update".*


* Thanks to the commenter that pointed this out.


Anonymous said…
Thanks, exactly the setting I was looking for.
Anonymous said…
Actually, Update does work if the key is not there. According to the MMC 3.0 help: "If the registry value or key does not exist, then the Update action creates a new registry value or key." Plus, I have verified that statement.

Thank-you for the info.
Anonymous said…
You rock. A lot of garbage on the net on this topic , wasting time discussing managing this setting via admin template based GPOs. When either option via admin template locks into either an on or off state permanently. Which users then can't change on the fly as needed, or to test a misbehaving site then report its needed inclusion in the GPO managed compat mode site list.

Props to you for finding the most flexible, and therefore in my view, correct GPP approach.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely fantastic. Exactly what I needed but struggled to find.

Anon said…
Awesome. Thanks, agreed with above. Sometimes surgical registry keys are preferred over the wide swaths of policy.