Protip: Dealing with flight cancellations

I am involuntarily hanging out in an Airport today.  My 11:30 a.m. flight was canceled due to a broken airplane.  Meh.

Here is a tip.  When you reserve your flight, put the airline's re-booking phone number in your cell phone.  When the airline gate attendant makes the announcement that your flight has been canceled there will be a massive stampede up to the counter.  Take your place in line and immediately call rebooking.  By calling in before they hand out the phone number you have a jump start on the 150 other people in line jockeying for a seat.  The people on the phone will almost always be faster than waiting in line for the gate attendants, especially if you beat the crowd.

Bonus tip: If you are going to be stuck for hours, you may be able to score a food voucher.  Today was my first one of those.  I got a $12 lunch ticket.  The Twisted Chips and Apple Pie from O'Charleys were pretty good.)(Food tastes better when it is free!)

The American Airlines rebooking number is 800-446-7834.  If you make status on the airline you get a different number.  It should be on the back of the card.