How to lose 176 Pounds (Part 3 of ?): (13/176)

Here is a an update on my weight loss project.

I found a Physician, had a physical, and asked for some help.  She was kind enough to prescribe Phentermine for me and I've been on it for ~45 days.  I also have a Vitamin D deficiency.  The latter is not uncommon with obesity, as it's a fat soluble vitamin and I have lots of solvent.  The effects of the Phentermine are interesting.  I'm not nearly as tired as I used to be.  I don't fall asleep on long car rides.  That's nice.  I also seem to be concentrating more easily.  That is REALLY nice.

My original prescription was filled at Wal-mart, where I recieved white tablets with dark blue speckles.  My refill was from Publix and is white with very few light blue speckles.  The latter does not "feel" as effective as the former, in terms of stimulant effects, but that may just be my body adapting to it. 

My peak weight was 251 pounds and I am at 238 now. 

I also received the advice "eat 6 small meals per day."  This is very difficult, as my usual pattern is a small lunch and big dinner or small lunch and foraging all day.  I'm now considering a meal plan they recommended.  Stay tuned for an update on that front.