Nostalgia: $3 Bookstore in Lake Park Georgia

Three weeks back I had to drive down to Jacksonville Florida for a customer engagement. On the way back I stopped at the $3 and under Book Store in Lake Park Georgia. It's just north of the Florida/Georgia state line just off of the exit on I-75.

How could I resist this siren's beckoning call?  I love books, and I'm cheap!  Cheap books are a Panacea!  So. (grinning sheepishly) ... I bought a few books!

The best part of this was the overwhelming nostalgia when I walked in the store. As I came through the door I realized I'd been there once before.  It was dozens of years ago on the last vacation I took with my parents.  I can still remember the book I bought too.  It was "The Robot Builder's Bonanza".  This was a favorite, and  I still have it.

This stop made my trip.  +1, 5 Stars, Thumbs-Up!