Quickie: Catching up on the "free energy" folks

Today I got Gmail reminder to "check up on that free energy stuff".

So here goes.

The e-Cat system (LENR, not free energy)  still remains a black box, despite the company's claim that they have one in production.  I think I'm going to have to build one of these to sate my curiosity.

The Orbo team is producing the resounding sounds of Crickets. 

The EMC2 (Fusion, not free energy) team is back at work.  It looks like they were able to wrangle some dollars out of the Navy.  Lovely.

I think I will have a go at the E-Cat.  It seems like fairly simple rig to try.

BTW, sorry for the long sabbatical  I'm juggling some projects at work and have been reading a lot.  I should have book posts this week about "Frozen in Time" (historical non-fiction about Airplanes on Greenland) and "The Interrogators" (non-fiction about the experience of a military interrogator in Afghanistan.)  I'm also working on a swing for my daughter and doing some car stuff too!

(Never a dull moment.)