Replacement tips for a Radio Shack 64-2184 or 6402184 20/40 Watt Soldering Station

I have a Radio Shack 20/40 Watt Soldering Station.  It was a gift from my friend Michelle when I fixed her TV many years ago.  Thanks Michelle!

Normally I'd post a picture here, but I won't this time.  I'm ashamed of my soldering iron.  The tip looks like the mangled claw of some battle-wearied dragon.  I've filed it down so much that only a nubbin remains.  I've been meaning to buy one, but the stores don't carry it and their website doesn't list them anymore.

After some digging, I found that the Weller PL100 series tips will fit this iron.

(Image Credit: Weller Catalog, 2015, Page 65)

They even have the fine point one I want, a Weller PL138:

(Amazon Associate Link:

Even better, I found a pack of 4 assorted tips including the PL138 on eBay for $22, shipped!

I also read that the tips from an Eclipse Tools 900-035 soldering station will work too.


(I'm sorry if this seems like I'm shilling for Weller.  I'm not.  Not being able to find tips for this sucks, and I really hope that search engines will crawl this page so I can find it easily in a decade when I need to buy some more.)