I made a thing: Random Dishwasher Parts

Mom asked me if I could fix her dishwasher.  The top rack keeps falling down.

Digging in, I found the problem.  This is the upper dishrack clip/axle.

It's broken, obviously.  The little clips that are supposed to hold the wheels on are half gone.

Pricing it online, these clips are $25.00 each.  Ouch.  She needs four of them.  Cough & Sputter.

So I did what any self-respecting cheapskate would do.

No, not duct tape..  :)  I made new ones.

Here is the 3D model in Fusion 360.

And now my printer is humming away, making a new one.

I'll test fit it this weekend.  If it works/fits, I'll post the model, and the Dishwasher model/part number information so the universe can share in my delight of not paying giant piles of money to buy these.