Second Thingiverse Post / Thing I made: Whirlpool Dishwasher Part WP8268846 (AP6012267)

I successfully modeled and printed a pair of replacement basket clips for my Mom's dishwasher.

Here is the thingiverse Link:

... and the completed parts:

Installation is pretty easy.

Squeeze this clip and slide the drawer-slide stop up.

With that off, the wheels slide right off the end.

The wheels snap on to the new 3d printed brackets, and the brackets snap on to the dishwasher basket.

Note: The brackets are in the wrong spots in this picture. 

The rear brackets go in the rearmost basket hole.  The front brackets go in  the fifth hole from the front.  If you put these in the wrong hole then the basket won't slide all the way out.

My family is laughing at me for buying a $200 3d printer to make two $20 parts.  Let them laugh, one day I will rule the world.  :D