Tiny Hydroponics

 This is my tiny hydroponics setup.  Most of the parts are leftovers from when I did aquaponics.

The short little plant in the blue bin foreground is a philodendron vine cutting I got from a friend.  It's getting too much light so it's staying small.  The other hydro pot has Celery and green onion that I regrew from kitchen scraps.

For nutrients I'm using General Hydroponics Flora nutrients.  A TEAspoon (5ml) from each jug mixed with tapwater makes a gallon of solution that will fill the container twice.  I change the nutrients once per month (which is probably too often) so those little bottles will last (950 ml / 5 ml * 2 doses per gallon / 12 months per year = ) ~30 years.

If I were to do this again, I'd buy these dry powdered nutrients MASTERBLEND 4-18-38 Complete Combo Kit Fertilizer Bulk (2.5 Pound Kit) (Amazon Link) instead because it's easier for me to work with dry ingredients.  (I have hand tremors)  This is the smallest kit they sell and it would last me a similarly ludicrous amount of time.